Innovative solid systems in structural engineering

Industrially precast concrete sections offer almost unlimited design freedom for architects and planners and have nothing in common with predetermined standard solutions. All elements are produced individually in accordance with each customer's requirements to standards of high precision on highly automated industrial plant. This has the advantage that their production is not subject to the vagaries of the climate on the building site, the working procedures are thus better structured and the construction period is decisively reduced.

Commercial construction

In commercial construction production halls, industrial plant, warehouses, office buildings, shopping centres, schools, hospitals and many more types of establishment, such as hotels and agricultural buildings can be built. These buildings have a large span and openings, are statically optimised and comply with individual requirements.

Residential construction

The trend towards innovative construction systems with the use of concrete is spreading to residential construction as well. Sound insulation and optimised insulation systems, combined with modern architecture, which takes individual requirements into account, is winning over discerning property owners.